Madness AM 35 - Age of Mouldlines

Talking about (and praising) source version control -

Cloudforge: (free trial, then 2 bucks per month)

Tortoisesvn: (FREE!)

My experiences putting the Age of Sigmar starter box together! Yay, tiny men!

Putting together the Liberators...

... and the Blood Reavers!

Meet the new totally practical and not precarious WeBoneAmp (webcam/phone/lamp)!


Madness AM 30 - Gettin' All Tiled Up

  • Briefly touching on some of my memories on games Satoru Iwata helped bring to life.
  • Tiles, tiles, TILES! Two great programs that, when used together, give you an alternative to Game Maker: Studio's room editor:
  • Tiled Map Editor: 
  • Tiled Importer for Game Maker Studio:  http: //
  • More gushing over Age of Sigmar (even though I haven't even PLAYED the damn thing yet).