Toying with my emotions

Well! Planet Tobor finally sees its first comic up on this, the fifteenth of May (very VERY early in the morning), 2010 A.D. More updates and fun things should (hopefully) begin materializing at more frequent and (eventually) more regular intervals.


As for the comic (again, yay! first ever!!), it has everything to do with MekTek's almost comical inability (at least where my machine and I are concerned) to produce a working P2P thinga-ma-jig (known as MekTek X, or MTX) that allows you to nab their latest bits of Mechwarrior goodness and install them on your computer, the newest of which comes in the form of a FREE release of Mechwarrior 4: Merceneries! Oh, the excitement!


Mind, I was never what you might call a formidable mech pilot, but I had loads of fun goofing around in my elementary school years at a local Virtual World that boasted 8 mech pods and ran, I think, a build of the Mechwarrior Firestorm engine; not to mention trying to get in good with some of the kids at school that had Mechwarrior 2 or 3 on computers that could run them and bribing them with best friend only invites to imaginary birthday parties at Disneyland... *wicked snicker*


Anyhoo, you can imagine my disapointment upon downloading the MTX client with the sole intention of jumping into the cockpit of one of these towering iron behemoths of death and destruction, only to be met with constant system crashes, a client that constantly freezes on startup, and a game that runs at a very sub-par FPS, so much so that I MIGHT have a better chance actually hitting anything were I wearing earmuffs and completely blind. And apparently I'm not the only broken hearted pilot plodding through Mechwarrior purgatory; related Battletech and Mechwarrior sites are crawling with complaints of data loss and all sorts of other problems related to the MTX bogey man.


Here's hoping they can iron the 'kinks' out so we can all get to blasting each other to smithereens again!


End Transmission...