New Alpha Build - IGF Submission - New Trailer

This weekend I decided to hold my breath, take the plunge, and submit Savage to the IGF (against my better judgement, ha!). Why? Because I like being a nervous wreck and biting off way more than I can chew! On a personal level, I don't expect much to happen, but I am glad I submitted - in the long run, I think putting my game on a chopping block of that size is, overall, a good experience. Pluse: hitting the 'submit' button was great fun :D

On to the (potentially) more fun stuff -

I've decided to publicly post the build I submitted to the IGF because... well, why not? Quite a few substantial updates and bug fixes await anyone brave enough to go another round with the alpha, i.e.

  • Added a few new items - Argeshii Fetish, Gosen Fetish, Meat
  • Fade transitions, zoom in/out transitions on worldmap
  • Overworld procedural encounters (hunting type, battle type)
  • Story engine is now in place, with first story sequence
  • Balanced the enemy spawners, some enemy HP and damage
  • Weapons and Armor now lose BP upon death instead of outright breaking
  • Broken gear remains in inventory (to be used in repair/salavage in a later update)
  • Increased initial knives/axes carrying cap
  • Font and UI polishing
  • New Enemy: Jailer
  • New location tilesets (only used in overworld encounters right now)
  • Extended some areas
  • New music track
  • New death system/checkpoint system - game no longer goes to "game over" screen on death, but respawns player at the last (invisible at the moment) checkpoint they crossed.
  • Squished lots of bugs (and probably created many new ones as a result)
  • screenshot123.png

    You can download the latest alpha here:

    Savage: The Shard of Gosen (second public alpha)

    (IMPORTANT: SAVE FILES FROM THE PREVIOUS BUILD WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS ONE - Sorry :/ This will probably be the case until beta, or whenever I put a much more stable save system into the game.)

    And last but not least, Savage: SOG's first trailer (*sniff* he's growing up so fast):


    Thanks for reading/watching/playing!

    Crom laughs at your Four Winds,