Apparently, Nintendo is the only video game big whig out there that is anti-achievement, according to this I was reading recently on Kotaku. Posted therein was also this; an essay examining the ins and outs, ups and downs of the (apparently) much heated achievement debate: Good, or Evil? In the context of game development, that is... I think.

I honestly don't know my stance on the matter, personally, as ever since I purchased an Xbox 360, got a Steam account and mucked around on various other forms of gaming specific platforms and indie titles I never necessarily felt harvesting points of any kind was weighing me down; cramping my style.Yes, there are some achievements that I have yet to ravenously stalk into the gaming twilight that will, honestly, never see the light of day (i.e. Win 50 gazillion perfect online ranked matches in a row without dying or using any ammo!!), and there is an empty trophy shelf, a small pang of regret that is parked in the same imperfect place in my soul that harbours that hankering for a 200.6% (ridiculous) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night file...

But that has never stopped me from enjoying a good game - featured achievements or no.


I suppose my feelings on the subject are case to case. If the comic has anything to do with it, or was supposed to, I have no idea, either. Nothing like a gift wrapped in ambiguity to stimulate the imagination.



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