Put Some Pep In Your Step

Hello Everyone!  Today in Gray Skies, it is revealed to us that the Grays have a mysterious reaction to that familiar pink stomach medicine with the catchy jingle!  What does it do?  It gets them WASTED!!!!!! Whoooooooooooo! 

Unlike my inhumanly talented counterpart, I have not been exploring much in the way of electronic entertainment.  Why? That is because it takes me EVERY second of 168 hours to produce a single Gray Skies submission!!!!  Ok, so that's a lie and we'll be uploading three Gray Skies a week very soon.  Another lie, I just finished Suda 51's Shadows of the Damned.  It was freakin' hilarious and a ton of fun!


Thanks for reading or just checking us out!


New Warpaint (finally) And Other Junk

I never thought it'd happen again, but here ya go:

Progress, as promised; featuring the coloring talents of one Eric Hansen - forgive my curtained physical jubilation!


I don't know how this escaped my attention for so long, but I've recently become addicted to a couple games on Kongregate. Kingdom Rush, for one, is probably the only reason I've been interacting with the internets on my computer for the past few days.

Speaking of rad, I've always been a big fan (drooling mongloidish addict) of Mount and Blade (or Mount & Blade, or whatever) and Mount and Blade: Warband. BUT! That coupled with a shiny new mod for vanilla flavored Mount and Blade that goes by the name of The Last Days (of the Third Age) of Middle Earth has me breaking out in gooseflesh, fevers and shiver spells when I'm not getting my damn fix.

The mod is incredibly detailed - like if you tried to shove all of your paperback versions of Tolkien's works into your damn hard drive and then digitally run around with a Rohirrim slaying Orcs hither and thither. Super sick (like the good kind), despite having a very unwieldy title... Let's try to acronym-ize it to make it less... ( TLDotTAoME ) - Ack. Nope. I just bashed my shin into an angry vowel.


End Transmission.