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TBA 2019





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Savage: The Shard of Gosen is a 2D action/platforming adventure with a few RPG elements which takes place in the brutal world of Lor, a fantasy setting of my own creation. The mood and atmosphere are inspired by the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, the Milton Bradley board game Hero Quest, and the Dungeons and Dragons setting, Dark Sun. Not to mention a healthy (unhealthy?) dose of my fetish for '80s barbarian flicks.

Gameplay is heavily inspired by games like Super Mario Bros. 2 (US), Zelda 2, the Gargoyle's Quest series, and the Castlevania series.


My name is Matt Fitzgerald and I'm the solo developer on Savage: The Shard of Gosen. I'm handling the design, code, art, music, and sound effects. I started the game as a passion project a few years ago and was only able to work on it in bite-sized chunks here and there. After saving up enough money, my wife and I moved out of state to Austin, Texas. On July 4th, 2013 (shortly after our move), our apartment burned down. The game was one of the only things that made it out of the fire. I've since been working on the project full-time and intend to release it SOON(TM)!. Currently, you can give the free public alpha a try! This build is updated regularly while development continues.


  • Engaging Melee System

  • Large 3D non-linear world map to explore

  • Character-driven story of revenge and survival

  • Branching dialogue options affect the game's characters and their own narratives

  • Weapons, gear, and items gain their own experience and levels - they can be mastered to learn new perks and skills

  • Currently over 34 weapons and shields to master (many more planned!)

  • Reforge equipment using Ore to create more powerful weapons and armor

  • Randomized overworld encounters

  • Day/night and month/seasonal cycle - certain rare creatures (Mini-Bosses, story sequences, etc.) spawn at a specific time on certain days

  • World-spanning Quests and puzzles

  • Familiar creatures, horrifying monsters and battle hardened warriors are included in the roster of enemies to slay

  • Rad Bosses


Savage: The Shard of Gosen (public alpha 03)


  • " ...there are some very good ideas implemented in a very slick and sharp manner here already." - D.A. Anguiano, Two Dot Five

  • "Savage’s music [...] is some stirring, truly epic-sounding chiptune work." - Paul Hack, IndieStatik

Sample Soundtrack