Madness AM 07 - Bag of 300 Carrots

It is definitely Monday on this complain-heavy, very whiney episode of Madness AM! Join us, won't you, as we drop food on the floor, clumsily dissect 300, put up our comics late, celebrate Father's Day, binge on snacks and Downton Abbey and don't mention Frasier or World of Warcraft! Huzzah! 

Also mentioned in the podcast, here's some interesting reading on Miller/Snyder's 300:


Madness AM 06 - Lactose Mutant Alien Abductions

Holy crap! So sorry for the late update today... so much for the A.M. part. But who cares?! This is an extra special episode in that I have a very special guest on board! A brand new sponsor, alien abduction movies, stomach aches, clubbing baby seals, sexism in Star Trek the original series and a feminine touch round out this goofy episode of Madness A.M. Let's Get Better! 

Madness AM 04 - Multilingual Animatronic

In a very strange fourth installment: We see (erm, hear) a very unusual visitor, Matt talks about more WoW (Ok, I guess it's not so strange), the closing song is explained (clumsily), Matt's take on George R.R. Martin's crazy books/show, we have a new (first) sponsor!! And Matt writes about himself in the third person and uses too many parentheticals! Bon Appétit! 

Madness AM 02 - Tossed Salads, Scrambled Eggs and Civil Unrest

Good Morning! Another fine (lame) episode of Madness AM has arrived! Hot off the presses... platter... super heated crafting table. *Ahem*. More World of Warcraft gets me in trouble, can't stop watching Frasier, today sees the re(re(re))-launch of, and so (not) much more!! 

Madness AM 01

The first episode of the Madness AM podcast wherein one Matt Fitzgerald talks about Planet Tobor's site re(re)launch, drawing comics, game development on Savage, why he can't seem to get into Guild Wars 2 and has fallen back into the World of Warcraft den of debauchery, general goings on, work, and dumb stuff!

Mentioned in the podcast: