Madness AM 35 - Age of Mouldlines

Talking about (and praising) source version control -

Cloudforge: (free trial, then 2 bucks per month)

Tortoisesvn: (FREE!)

My experiences putting the Age of Sigmar starter box together! Yay, tiny men!

Putting together the Liberators...

... and the Blood Reavers!

Meet the new totally practical and not precarious WeBoneAmp (webcam/phone/lamp)!


Madness AM 33 - Skellies 'n' Haggis

Talking a bit about art design choices - retro styled games and games that adhere strictly to retro limitations.

Odallus: The Dark Call is out!! 

ONIKEN is also rad -

Shadowcrypt is life, Shadowcrypt is love -

Aaaand Boss 101 is going to be STUPENDOUS!! 


Madness AM 31 - Rockin' Pariah

Got my legs n' abs rocked, (still) in the process of redesigning the crusty old website, comics, music... THINGS!



Madness AM 30 - Gettin' All Tiled Up

  • Briefly touching on some of my memories on games Satoru Iwata helped bring to life.
  • Tiles, tiles, TILES! Two great programs that, when used together, give you an alternative to Game Maker: Studio's room editor:
  • Tiled Map Editor: 
  • Tiled Importer for Game Maker Studio:  http: //
  • More gushing over Age of Sigmar (even though I haven't even PLAYED the damn thing yet).


Madness A.M. 28 - Get Thee to a Loinclothery

Whaaaat - it's been almost a year since I last did one of these?! Whoops. ANYWAY - Here are some of the spiffy things I talk about in this episode: - helping out with the NEW trailer! - their podcast, and the episode I got to participate in!

Follow them on twitter:

New boxart! In poster form! Inspired by (rip-off of) Frank Frazetta, Tom Jung

New boxart! In poster form! Inspired by (rip-off of) Frank Frazetta, Tom Jung

Madness AM 24 - Greenlit Gravy!

YES! SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen has been Greenlit on Steam!! 

Super special thanks to everyone who supported the Greenlight campaign and made it happen!

Gabriel Kleeschulte (Felldrizzle)

LUMPDizzle666 (for streaming the game EVERY MONDAY and bug testing the hell out of it!)





Greenlight Gaming






And SO MANY other people! 

Here's the Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade video I mentioned:

Madness AM 21 - M.A.M. Rides Again!

Cats, Kickstarters and Live streams, Oh my! I can't believe I haven't done one of these since July of last year. *EPIC Facepalm* Before I attempt to create an excuse that doesn't exist, on with the show links!

Music used in this episode: On the Run (The Returners) - Leitbur, off of Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

Twitch.TV Channel!

Twitch.TV Channel!

Madness AM 20 - BBQ Flavored Mic

You didn't actually see me die in that fire - so, just like a clichéd 90s slasher antagonist, I rise again - the podcast yet lives!! ... *ahem*

In this episode: More stories of our little July 4th apartment fire adventure (cuz why not? I mean, at least it gives me something to talk about),  new place, new stuff, new smells!

Honorable Mentions: 

Savage's Gamejolt: 

Gabe's Bargain Bin of Shame:

Fire story: 


Madness AM 19 - Turning it On and Off Again

Wow. I think this whole thing is about my dealings with Time Warner Cable... That's kind of terrifying. So, I guess this should go under the heading of 'Horror Stories' ? That being said, if you are squeamish, suffer from any heart conditions, prone to seizures, are a pregnant person or are not at least THIS tall, you will not be permitted to ride. Happy Hunting!

Madness AM 18 - I Am (Balanced and)Ruined!

Sooo late! Sooo sorry! Sooo... excited? 

(And sooo wrong: I explicitly state in the podcast that this is episode 17. It is actually 18! Arg!) I listened to some pretty kick-arse tunes last night working on my game into the wee hours of the morning. In today's not so A.M.-y episode, I talk about fun progress on Savage, rocking out to internet radio (I am often late to the party), the brilliance of Nobuo Uematsu   (had to look that up - ha!) and just... doing stuff. Hail and Well Met!


Retro Donatello!