Actually, the multiplayer in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is pretty awesome, despite what initial worries and fears may have coerced my mouth into expressing when I learned that there would be an aforementioned online play component to the game.

Seeing some of it in action at last year's Comic Con didn't have me convinced.

I recently finished the single player campaign. I don't really remember a lot of it. I know I had fun, but I don't remember. Maybe it's the game's way too samey familiarity to the first (second) game (Assassin's Creed II... I wonder: Would I somehow find myself at the wrong end of a hidden blade if I used a '2' instead of the 'II' the game dramatically insists on displaying...) in the series, or the comparitively uninspired location when juxtaposed to ACII's, like, five (relatively) different looking areas?

Something didn't grab me about the game. I wasn't as invested in Ezio's homicidal exploits this time around. It all felt too easy, somehow. However I do remember every single slaying rendered in white knuckle pulse racing detail I executed (heh) in my first multiplayer session. It really does make you feel like you're getting away with murder - if murder implied you dressed up like a clown and leaping out at your victim from a mound of strategically placed hay, yelling "Blaba-Ha!" while simultaneously trying to evade a poison-filled-syringe-wielding Marylin Manson video reject "doctor" hot on your heels...

But I'm sure for someone somewhere in history, that's exactly what it meant.



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