2015.10.31 They (un)Live! Halloween Update

Happy Halloween!

To tie up this series of spooky inspired updates, I figured we'd end with an undead extravaganza!

They're Back

And loaded with all sorts of improvements! I took a final pass at our skeleton friends and gave them a fresh coat of paint and a slew of new combat abilities. They can potentially spawn with a number of different weapons, shields, armors and helmets - each giving them a different behavior and attack set:

 If you don't land a blow that removes their head, or smash a skeletal corpse to pieces, they have a chance of getting back up on their feet!

 Again, depending on what gear they spawn with, they have access to some neat defensive moves, too. Some will try to stop you from stun-stomping them on the noggin (you'd be foolish to attempt this against a skeleton warrior who has a spiked shield!):

 Even in death, their addiction to the dark arts is as strong as ever...

To complement the skeletal ground troops, I introduce the Undead Warlock (or, Wraithlock, if you prefer)!

 The souls of long dead dark wizards and magicians, trapped in limbo and refusing to give up their hold of dark energies they still command.

That's a wrap!

I hope you've enjoyed this little series of horror-y themed updates! Thanks again so much for your support, and have a happy and safe Halloween!


P.S. Enjoy this little Savage related monster mash (with hints of things to come!):