2016.3.28 Un-Bear-Able!

Man, what an em-bear-assing headline (sorry, I can't help it. It's, like, a serious problem)! 

Ahem. Anyway... Progress goes on, my to-do list grows ever shorter and the game gets closer to something I'd consider fun and playable! At present, there is enough rough content (still in desperate need of a polish and balance pass) that I can speedrun what's mostly finished in about an hour and a half -- and I'm enjoying it, rough edges aside!

Here's what's been going on behind the scenes:

New Location and Sub-Areas, Cairns of Magdragh

This zone is heavily populated with the cannibalistic hill tribes, the Ilgogi. Worshipers of bears and the bear god, Magdragh, their weapons and clothing mirror their brutal way of life.

This area features a few new modular enemy types:

  • Ilgogi Maneater
  • Ilgogi Huntress
  • Kin of Magdragh (Hill Bears)
  • Rockbiters

Yes, Rockbiters are back and working within the new enemy system! These little buggers were a pain to bring back into the fold, but worth it. Here's a debug screen of me attempting to snap them to their new locations -- challenging, given their wall-crawly nature.

The area also features some new puzzly mechanics:

New Boss - Tra Tibow't, Mother of Bears, Feastbreaker and Warcaller of the Ilgogi... and her bear Mag!

Here are some work-in-progress bits for the new boss and her pet, based on a friend of mine and her online twitter persona, @twobitart!

I had built out the boss room a certain way, and after some testing, found out I was really not very happy with it. It had too many small platforms that sort of created small uninteresting choke-points during the fight.

The rebuild of the room came out much better - still keeping a bit of deviation in the terrain, but keeping it open enough for everyone to move around.

New Gear

Pictured in the above gif madness are new Ilgogi and bear themed shields, bone based weapons like spears and clubs, as well as a shiny new powerful polearm called Phalanx!

Archived Livestreams

As some of you know, I livestream every now and again on Twitch. I have recently decided to start archiving the streams on my Youtube channel, which you can find here!

That's all for now. Thanks again so much for all your patience and support! I'm as ready to be done with this game as I'm sure you are to play it, and I'm working hard to make it worth the wait - we're gettin' there!

See ya next update, and have a GREAT one!