Diminuative Undertaking

For the Emperor, indeed.

 I have been supremely excited about all the goings on in the Warhammer 40k franchise lately what with the recent release of Ultramarines, the film, and the slow, steady drip-feed of information on the Vigil Games MMO, Dark Millennium and Space Marine (bom bom BOM), the game. ... And, who knows! - if all goes well, we might even get some games/films with some more inspired titles! Keep your chainswords crossed.

Fanboy puns/awful jokes aside, I loved Ultramarines, despite the low production values. My mortal coil would be shuffled loose (and I'd probably poop) if the team responsible were given a bigger budget to work on a sequel. Seriously, the lads at Codex Pictures who threw the film together deserve a medal. Or a Space Ork head on a pike. That ought to satisfy, I think. I sense myself getting off track - The film is going to be screened FOR FREE at select theaters at the end of this month stateside. I am totally going (or, deploying. *geekishly amused chuckle*) to the showing in Los Angeles on Sunday.

I thought It appropriate, too, what with all the hammering going on and the comic's esoterically nerdy subject, to upload these little guys (For those interested (who I'm willing to wager are very few): two tactical squads of Ultramarines and a captain whose colourschemes I altered to suit my newly discovered Crimson Fists fetish):



Dear Internet - Hopefully nothing too incriminating is given away in the background...

  I also gave Dawn of War II a try. So far, melikes what meplays. I was wary to try the thing when it was released due to all the backlash it got for straying too far from the series' particularities established in the first Dawn of War and it's myriad expansions... but I am enjoying myself - so nyah.

Ok. No more Warhammer, now. I promise.


End Transmission.