*ahem* Better late than never, right?

What's with video games forcing a darkness dwelling, anti-social, awkward and agoraphobic troll like myself to engage in intimate and personal (No, I don't mean that. Well, actually, sometimes that) activities? I play video games so I don't have to do things like keep real life relationships going. Answer obnoxious phone calls and drive my "friends" around to do the things that they want to do. Take middle aged men by the hand and traipse about through the damn forest! Gamers (mostly) are an inherently irresponsible lot - so why heap irritatingly mundane responsibilities on our frail, unsunned shoulders?

Social dynamics are like the new water levels - annoying and necessary to complete a game. Well, mostly necessary. It seems that with Fable III you can more or less skip the whole friend making thing altogether to get to point B, but the overall suggestion I'm getting from the developers is that I'm missing out on, like, two thirds of the experience should I overlook it. The game, the series as a whole, seems to have a habit of taking complex ideas and trying to distill them down into something much simpler. Or raw, or whatever.

Not my cup of tea when I'm having stupid days, I guess.

But it's ok. I have a new (virtual) Man-Crush; In the form of Geralt of Rivia. I had always been itching to give the Witcher a spin and I'm so glad I did. I know he may be a moody, substance-abusing mutant-junky of an anti-hero- but he's my anti-hero. Hyphens and all.

Speaking of catching up on my ever growing backlog of unplayed games, I've jumped back into Dead Space in an effort (and out of excitement for the sequel) to finish the damn thing. My suggested tone is probably misleading: I love Dead Space. I loved it when I didn't finish it and I love it more now. With the exception of Molyneux's latest, so far so good...

... And better late than never, right?


End transmission.