Feeling Animated

I've been slaving over a hot stove for the past couple of months and... wait - smell that? Freshly baked animated music video?? I'll get the butter!


The animated project I've been working on for the awesomely talented Texas Microphone Massacre is complete and available for viewing! The premiere at Elysium in Austin was a lot of fun and the band rocked the audience's proverbial socks off - thanks for coming if you made it out and if not, do not fret, the video can be viewed right here.


We will resume our regularly scheduled programming soon - thanks for all the patience and enjoy the video!



... Not to be confused with anime-hem, which is or is not something I just made up. Whew - now that that's cleared up I wanted to take a moment to talk about the animated short I'm working on.

It is a music video. A cartoon animated music video for Texas Microphone Massacre's upcoming single, "In Your Dreams". Give them a listen - great tunes and I am so excited to be working with these guys!

The video will premiere at Elysium, in Austin TX on July 21st, so if you're in the area mark your calendar and come check it out!

On a more nitty gritty note, work on the video is going well despite an artform I'm not too terribly familiar with. But, babysteps toward the elevator...

Challenging, rewarding and interesting. Eadweard Muybridge was right - moving pictures are neat!


P.S. More comics coming soon!