Public Alpha, Name Change(upgrade)

So - I have shamelessly copied/pasted the following from my Game Jolt page (because, up for a billion hours!! :D )

I made it! I managed to keep to my own goofy little weekend deadline! *gets a cookie* Posted the first publicly playable version of Savage: SOG, in all it's SOGgy glory:

Be sure to wear a helmet - this is a pretty rough ride thus far. Lots of squishy bugs, game breaking issues, weirdo graphics stuff, etc. etc.

But, hey - that makes it more of an adventure, right? ... right? Either way, I hope you have some fun with it :)  Feel free to report any bugs/issues, send any comments/concerns/questions/feedback right here or via PlanetTobor.

Expect many changes, additions, and general gussy-ing up to happen frequently. Thanks for taking a look!

xoxo, Matt


Savage: The Shard of Gosen (first public alpha)