New Stuff! IndieDB Top 100!

The game certainly has changed over the past 6 months - it feels like an entirely new experience. I have added SO MUCH new content to this thing that I'll go easy on the bullet point-y stuff and let these images do most of the talking:



Some of what's NEW in the game since the last update:

  • New areas and tilesets!
  • New enemies (wild boars, revamped battlecat, flesh eating crows, raptors, a HOST of Argeshii soldiers and warriors, with procedurally generated gear and behavior)!
  • NPCs!
  • New armor sets!
  • A lot more I can't remember!
  • Blood and gore (yay)!

In addition to all that, I'm FINALLY at a code complete stage in the project - I am now fully entrenched in creating the critical path of the game and churning out the extra content needed to create a complete gaming experience.

I'll be releasing a final handful of alphas/demos in the coming weeks and months, so STAY TUNED!

It's that time of the year again to vote on your favorite Indie games at IndieDB! Help SAVAGE get into the top 100 by voting here:

Thanks for visiting, and have a great one!

xoxo, Matt