Retropalooza - Coming Up for Air and Mini-Update

Hi everyone!

Firstly I want to apologize to you all for the lack of updates. I have been buried up to my neck in this game (for probably too long, ha!) and I forget to come up for air sometimes -- especially with the end of the year looming.

I'm still grinding away on Savage full time, and then some. Some things I'll bring up real quick are that I switched compilers within GameMaker: Studio and the dang thing (Savage) runs LIKE BUTTER after compiling in the new setup. A lot of this has been in preparation to switch over to GameMaker Studio 2 (YoYo stopped supporting Studio 1 in June/July) which will make things better overall (including potential porting to other platforms).

It hasn't all just been raw systems level work, though -- the game is popping with new locations, armor, items, enemies - ALL NPCS CAN NOW BE KILLED (and/or engaged in combat/made hostile) -- so there's a ton to go over. I'm hoping that within the next week I'll have one of those nice big juicy magazine style updates - AND the new build -out for you guys.

Speaking of magazines, for a long while I had been getting asked questions like, "Is the MegaDex a real thing?" -- the "MegaDex" referring to the fake magazine prop used in the Savage trailer. My response was always something like, "Nah, it's just a goofy joke". Well, NO LONGER - real quick here I'll say that I have also been working on bringing that thing to life. Essentially, it will function as a Planet Tobor fanzine in the vein of Diehard GameFan, some of the stuff I really enjoyed about Nintendo Power, and old gaming publications in general. 


The goal with that is to get you guys a digital copy of the thing that goes over fun Savage lore stuff, the comic, any and all future Savage updates, showcasing the fan art I've received, and generally ANY other fun stuff I feel like throwing in there.

So new build, new "magazine", new update and a convention coming up!

I'll be at Retropalooza in Arlington, Texas this weekend, September 29th and 30th along with Savage and a booth space (sorry for the short notice - I too only just got the 100% go ahead that I'd have a booth space there) - so if you're in the area or already attending, come say hi!

Again, sorry it's been so long since the last update. I wanted to hop on, let you guys know I'm still alive and STILL working on Savage! 

Thanks for all the support and patience, and I'll talk to you next update!