It's (still) Alive!!

Still kicking. So much has happened since this dern place was last updated. Where to begin? 'Beau and I relocated to Austin, Texas the second week of January to fantastic results. I've still been working on Savage when time permits, and now that the dust has settled from of all the busy ( Halloween wedding, out of state move and life change will do that, sometimes ), we can get back to updates!

Mmm... updates.

We were fortunate enough to move in above some really cool neighbors, one of whom is doing some awesome coloring for the coming Warpaint pages and is quickly becoming a huge contributor to the site and all the random projects going on around here. His name is Eric Hansen. And you will know him by the trail of dead. Or something.

Observe our refreshingly unexampled fervor:

But, yes. Supremely blessed and happy to have him on our side.

To the future!


p.s. I also couldn't let this hilarious tidbit from my 7 year old brother's history class activity book go unnoticed: