New Art... And Stuff

I thought I'd throw a little mention up on here about getting rid of the RSS feeds littering this site... in that I have smote them down upon the mountain side (most of them). Having so many on here seemed a bit cumbersome to me, so I decided to leave just the one sort of catch all feed in the form of the News feed. I think.

I don't know - all this web/computation machine mumbo jumbo gives me a rage induced headache the size of a bantha! So, here's a pretty new picture I made between strips (no pun intended) that's part of a concept piece for a project I've been wanting to get off the ground for some time.


(No, it's nothing raunchy despite what the scantily non-clothed magic wielding harlot in the illustration might suggest)

But with Savage in the works, Warpaint on the back burner and Planet Tobor kicked into a 5 time a week update schedule, I might not see this project for some time. That's ok! Being too busy is a good problem to have, right? ... Unless that causes me to miss out on too many of my kid's little league games or school plays.

But I don't have a kid. Problem solved!


Saturday Squanderings

It's that time again.

I spent my Saturday morning rockin' out to some minibosses and other random youtube video gamey music interpretations... which led me (completely on accident)  to this. I had no idea that a sub sub internet culture existed solely to glorify Guile's theme song.

I suppose if any track were worthy enough to beat every single other piece of music in past and future history to a pulp it would be His.

Birthmark, indeed.


Saturday Morning Cartoons

Just in time for 'em with a new Warpaint:

Man. Typing up that title brings back a warm squishy wave (or at least a mild slosh) of nostalgia (kinda sounded like I was talking about some sort of unusual fluid problem), remembering trying to drag my elementary school weary husk out of bed early enough to catch Saturday morning gems like Exosquad and The Tick. All while cramming my face with over sugared balanced breakfasts and toy commercials.

Where have all the good cartoons gone? And I mean those bizarre-high-drama-but-still-made-for-kids-and-to-sell-action-figures shows like Batman: The Animated Series, or X-men. Have all the Westerners been replaced by Anime? Maybe their like still exist and I'm suffering from a bout of Ignorance brought on by an extended lack of cable TV.

Maybe it's time to call Time Warner, purchase a box of Capt'n Crunch, find couch and a TV somewhere.

... Sort of makes my next stop sound like prison, actually.


New Warpaint (finally) And Other Junk

I never thought it'd happen again, but here ya go:

Progress, as promised; featuring the coloring talents of one Eric Hansen - forgive my curtained physical jubilation!


I don't know how this escaped my attention for so long, but I've recently become addicted to a couple games on Kongregate. Kingdom Rush, for one, is probably the only reason I've been interacting with the internets on my computer for the past few days.

Speaking of rad, I've always been a big fan (drooling mongloidish addict) of Mount and Blade (or Mount & Blade, or whatever) and Mount and Blade: Warband. BUT! That coupled with a shiny new mod for vanilla flavored Mount and Blade that goes by the name of The Last Days (of the Third Age) of Middle Earth has me breaking out in gooseflesh, fevers and shiver spells when I'm not getting my damn fix.

The mod is incredibly detailed - like if you tried to shove all of your paperback versions of Tolkien's works into your damn hard drive and then digitally run around with a Rohirrim slaying Orcs hither and thither. Super sick (like the good kind), despite having a very unwieldy title... Let's try to acronym-ize it to make it less... ( TLDotTAoME ) - Ack. Nope. I just bashed my shin into an angry vowel.


End Transmission.



It's (still) Alive!!

Still kicking. So much has happened since this dern place was last updated. Where to begin? 'Beau and I relocated to Austin, Texas the second week of January to fantastic results. I've still been working on Savage when time permits, and now that the dust has settled from of all the busy ( Halloween wedding, out of state move and life change will do that, sometimes ), we can get back to updates!

Mmm... updates.

We were fortunate enough to move in above some really cool neighbors, one of whom is doing some awesome coloring for the coming Warpaint pages and is quickly becoming a huge contributor to the site and all the random projects going on around here. His name is Eric Hansen. And you will know him by the trail of dead. Or something.

Observe our refreshingly unexampled fervor:

But, yes. Supremely blessed and happy to have him on our side.

To the future!


p.s. I also couldn't let this hilarious tidbit from my 7 year old brother's history class activity book go unnoticed: